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ISO Card SOKYMAT without mag stripe UNIQUE Ab 0,69 EUR
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ISO Card SOKYMAT without mag stripe UNIQUE

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Due to its fully automated direct bonding technology, this produces are first class products with a superior surface for excellent printing results. The fully automated production also guarantees a constant high level of quality and reasonable production costs.  

With its patented manufacturing technique, it is able to avoid the use of modules in its cards assembling process, that generally generate a more uneven surface and higher costs. This contactless ISO Cards are available with different ICs and various optional features such as magnetic stripe, thermo rewritable foil, punch marks and more.


All ISO cards have dimensions and tolerances compliant with the ISO norm 7816-1, type ID-I. Sokymat ISO Cards are subject to a comprehensive qualification phase exceeding ISO standards.

- SRF: 125 kHz
- Dimensions: 85.6x53.98x0.76mm
- Reading distance: 0 to 60 cm (depending on the reader design)
- PVC material: both sides white/white glossy
- Excellent printability with thermal transfer printers or offset printing technologies for personalization
- chip type: EM4102 Unique



Smaller quantities on request!


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