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RJ203A+EM1206A Ethernet Module from 53,20 EUR
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RJ203A+EM1206A  Ethernet Module

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The EM1206 is a miniature BASIC-programmable embedded module. In combination with the RJ203 jack/magnetics, the EM1206 occupies only 34.5x19 mm of board space. Alternatively, the EM1206 can be used with any suitable magnetics and jack.

The module's hardware mix, which includes 100Base/T Ethernet, four serial ports, flash disk, EEPROM, and RTC, has been carefully tailored to address the typical needs of network-enabled control applications.

This makes the EM1206 especially suitable for "connected" edge products such as sensors, network-enabled card readers, actuators, and other lightweight devices.

The RJ203 is an "Ethernet front-end" module that contains an RJ45 jack and 10/100BaseT magnetics (designed to work with the Davicom DM9000B Ethernet controller).

The RJ203's patented design lets you put other components right under it, and thus minimize host PCB size. The front face of the device is translucent. Place status LEDs directly on the host PCB under the RJ203, and you will still see them on the outside.

You can also use the RJ203 together with theEM 1206 Ethernet modules, which fit right under it. 



Datasheet RJ203A





Datasheet EM1206A