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With RADFIT for the first it provides a system wireless temperature measurement as well as for RF identification.

Based on SAW (surface acoustic wave) technology you get a unique set of properties for a wide field of industrial applications:

●  Range
Reading distances are far greater than for usual CMOS based systems. By using slot antennae high ranges can be reached on metal surfaces. Specifically aligned transponders enable radio operation even if they are embedded in metal.

●  Robust
Transponder operation under severe conditions, e.g. at extreme temperatures, in strong electric or magnetic fields or at high levels of ionising radiation.

●  Temperature rugged
The ability to sense temperatures ranging from the cryogenic to well beyond 300°C. With suitable isolation this value can be increased to even higher temperature ranges for RFID applications.

●  Absolutely passive
Transponder and sensor are totally maintenance free during their lifetime and work without any power supply such as batteries

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