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Antenna desing and the field characteristics

The right antenna design and field characteristics is very important for your RFID application.

We offer you many standard antennas and our own special developments as well.
Choose the best product for your application environment.

Critical applications – especially for long range systems - often require an antenna optimization. You’ll find  for all frequencies (LF, HF and UHF) a sortiment of different antennas for several applications. You'll find detailled information directly at the different freqencies below.

How do I choose the right antenna for my RFID application?
Please contact us, if you need help to choose the right product!


 RFID antennas from TAGnology RFID GmbH
of leading international manufacturers!

More sub catagories:
LF 125|134.2 kHz
HF 13.56 MHz
UHF 868/915 MHz