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Starter | Demo Kit

 First steps in RFID, fast and easy integration!

With our universal RFID Starter-Kits you are able to set up your RFID and NFC evaluations and trials, to specify the best solution for an efficient system integration!

How do I choose the right Starter-Kit for my RFID application?
Please contact us, if you need help to choose the right product!

RFID Starter Kit im RFID-NFC-Webshop

Our  portfolio of different RFID Starter-Kits include many different RFID-TAG samples and premium RFID-Reader and NFC-Reader equipment with a powerful demonstration software (user manual, protokol describition, Reader DLL, Demoprogram) . 

You’ll find  for all frequencies (LF, HF and UHF) a sortiment of different starter kits for several applications. You'll find detailled information directly at the different freqencies below.

RFID Starter Kit im RFID-NFC-Webshop

RFID & NFC Starter-Kits suitable for education, RFID evaluations and software development

More sub catagories:
LF 125|134.2 kHz
HF 13.56 MHz
UHF 868 MHz