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RFID-Reader & NFC-Reader

First Class  RFID reader devices and NFC reader devices of the leading international manufacturers.

System integrators and end customers trust into the high quality of our products. Here you’ll find the right RFID-reader reading equipment for your application. Datasheets, prices, detailed documentation and software tools are available from all of our RFID reader devices  for free download.

How do I choose the right frequency for my RFID application?
Please contact us, if you need help to choose the right product!

Which RFID technology do I need ?

RFID Transponders or RFID TAGs differ by different frequency ranges.
It can be classified according to 4 different kinds:
» Low Frequency 125 kHz
» High Frequency 13.56 MHz
» Ultra High Frequency 860-930 MHz
» Microwaves 2.45 GHz

An important criterion for the selection of RFID systems is the frequency band, on which the RFID reader (writing and/or RFID reader) with the transponder communicates. I must be paid attention to the fact that the RFID system is not affected by other radio systems or other systems of it is disturbed. Therefore RFID applications on the ISM frequency bands (ISM = Industrial, Scientifical, Medical) work, which are reserved particularly for applications from the ranges industry, science and medicine.

Pro and cons of the different frequency bands
of our RFID-reader devices 

Low Frequency 100 - 135kHz


» large number of different designs and sizes of RFID-transponders
   and RFID-Reader and NFC-Reader devices available 
» property penetration of non-metallic articles, water and organic fabric 
» standardisation by ISO 11784/85 
» relative insensitively to metallic enviromental influences 
» frequency band world-wide available 
» high one permitted transmitting power 

 no printed coils possible, transponders are manufactured with
   wire reeling antennas 
» small transmission rate


High Frequency 13.56MHz


» use of favorable passive Transponders and well as
   RFID-Reader and NFC-Reader devices
» standardisation by ISO 15693, ISO 14443A and ISO 14443B
» higher data capacity
» middle channel transfer rate (26 kBit/s)
» frequency band world-wide available

 high absorption by metallic environment
» reader calibration width by legal regulations limited
» large ranges require large antenna designs


Ultra High Frequency 860 - 915MHz


» large range 
» simple antenna design
» economical
» standardisation (EPC)

 bad penetration of water and organic fabric



RFID-Reader, RFID-Lesegerät und NFC-Reader im RFID-NFC-Webshop

RFID-reader and NFC-reader devices from TAGnology RFID GmbH
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